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  • June 25, 2022
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Fewer cases of children with cancer diagnosed during COVID-19 pandemic

A study showed that in England, fewer children and young adults with cancer were diagnosed during the COVID pandemic. It also revealed that children with cancer who were diagnosed during the first wave of the…

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The first report of iron-rich population of adapted medicinal spinach / compared with cultivated spinach

Sources:- atsjournals.org + pubs.acs.org + phcogj.com Folk medicine such as herbal and natural products have been used for centuries in every culture throughout the world. The Chenopodiaceae family with more than 1500 species is dispersed…

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Honeybees make a chilling warning noise when attacked by hive-destroying murder hornets

[ Peer Reviewed ] In edition.cnn.com published and claiming that: When a pack of giant hornets attacks a honeybee hive, the slaughter is brutal and quick.They descend en masse after a scout has identified the…

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Baby born with strange 5-inch human ‘tail’ with ball at the end

In ibtimes.co.uk The appendage, dubbed as a “true” human tail, had a ball-shaped mass at the end that measured 1.6 inches in diameter Brazilian baby boy was born with a “true” human tail and had…

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These adorable mice can regenerate their kidneys without scarring

We don’t know if we should be jealous or terrified. In syfy.com Spiny mice take their names from a collection of stiff guard hairs permeating their otherwise fluffy exteriors, but that feature is not the…

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Study shows how whole genome sequencing could benefit children with cancer

Unravelling the entire genetic code for each child who has been diagnosed with cancer can give a more accurate diagnosis or reveal new treatment options, according to research presented at the NCRI Festival. These are the…

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Childhood kidney cancers continue to be diagnosed at later stages in the UK and Ireland

Children with kidney cancers continue to be diagnosed with larger and more advanced tumors in the UK and Ireland than in other Western European countries, according to research presented at the NCRI Festival. As a…

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Brain Implant Translates Paralyzed Man’s Thoughts Into Text With 94% Accuracy

A man paralyzed from the neck down due to a spinal cord injury he sustained in 2007 has shown he can communicate his thoughts, thanks to a brain implant system that translates his imagined handwriting…

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3 Mental Ways To Boost Your Immune System

Lack of sleep, loneliness and stress are the main psychological factors that make people more vulnerable to infection, research finds. However, loneliness can be combated by speaking to others using apps like FaceTime, Skype, Viber,…

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5 Foods That Lower Blood Pressure

Spinach, beans, bananas, avocados and even coffee are among the foods that could lower blood pressure, research finds. All contain potassium which, along with lower sodium, can help to reduce hypertension. Around 5 grams of potassium per…

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